Google dedicates the July 17 Doodle to Eunice Newton

Google has decided to dedicate the July 17 Doodle to a woman who changed the world thanks to her discoveries: Eunice Newton. Born on July 17, 1819, in Goshen, Connecticut, her education was characterized by science studies at Troy Female Seminary and a nearby science college. It was there that Newton Foote imbibed a passion for botany and chemistry, influenced by the works of Almira Hart Lincoln Phelps, a female science pioneer. (THE JULY 16 DOODLE)

Who was Eunice Newton

She is also remembered for her activism for women’s rights. She was a signatory to the Declaration of Sentiments of the 1848 Seneca Falls Convention, the first women’s rights convention. But first and foremost Eunice Newton is recognized as a pioneer in the study of greenhouse gases and global warming. In a series of experiments, she demonstrated the interaction of the sun’s rays on different gases and concluded that carbon dioxide retained more heat. Despite her significant contribution, her research was not fully recognized at the time, and some scientific journals even confused her name with that of her husband, Elisha Foote. But she didn’t end there. Because she was an inventor herself, obtaining a patent in 1860 for a “filler for soles of boots and shoes” and developing a new paper-making machine in 1867.