Google Maps is updated: from 2022 you will be able to choose the most eco-sustainable road

In a few months, not only will you be able to choose the shortest route to take by car, which may even be free of tolls, but also the one with the lowest carbon emissions. This was revealed yesterday by Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google and Alphabet, introducing the new features of Maps. Starting today in the United States and from 2022 in Europe, it will be possible to personalize your trip even more, trying to aim more and more at an eco-sustainable lifestyle.

The most efficient route

“Traveling by car is one of the most carbon-intensive choices people make every day,” comments Pichai. For this reason, Google Maps will allow its users to choose the most efficient route from the point of view of consumption. “We estimate that this will prevent the emission of more than one million tons of carbon per year, equal to the removal of more than 200,000 cars from the road,” says the CEO of Google. But not only. The new trials of an artificial intelligence that optimizes traffic lights carried out in Israel have recorded a drop in fuel burned ranging from 10 to 20%. As confirmed by Pichai himself, there will also be news for the Search function: “We are making it easier to see the options of hybrid and electric vehicles, compare them with gas-powered models and find discounts so that you know the true cost before buying. “.

The most sustainable options

A green revolution made of updates. Like the one that will concern the ‘Flights’ section of the most used search engine in the world. “We will be able to see the carbon emissions associated with each flight,” Pichai assures, “in order to find the options with the lowest emissions.” Function similar to that which will be introduced for the search for a hotel room: among the results we will be able to see information about their efforts for waste reduction and water conservation measures. Finally, when we look for a new appliance to buy, Google will suggest the most sustainable options. “It’s all part of our goal to help one billion people make more sustainable choices by 2022,” concludes CEO Pichai.