Google, problems with Gmail: mail arrives late

A malfunction of the messaging service causes long delays in sending and receiving mail

Gmail, Google’s popular email service, is facing some technical issues that may cause delays in sending emails. According to the Google Workspace Dashboard, the company began experiencing anomalies at 12:31 p.m. Eastern Time. Despite Google’s efforts to fix the problem, as of 2:13 p.m., an exact estimate for the permanent fix had not yet been provided. The situation is impacting several users. During testing, it was observed that emails sent from personal to work accounts were significantly delayed. A report from 9to5Google highlighted the opposite experience, with personal emails functioning normally, while those sent from Google Workspace accounts were not received as expected. Downdetector, a platform that monitors the operating states of various online services, has recorded over 700 reports of problems related to Gmail. This suggests that the problems may not be widespread, however, for those affected, they represent a non-negligible obstacle, especially during a working day.