Google releases Android 14, compatible models

Numerous new features have been introduced in terms of user interface, customization and health

Google has launched Android 14, the latest version of its mobile operating system. It’s available for Pixel phones starting with the 4A 5G model starting today and for a number of phones from other manufacturers, including Samsung, Nothing and OnePlus, which will support the update later this year. This update brings with it some new security features, including deeper support for passkeys and stronger privacy protections. Furthermore, numerous new features have been introduced in terms of user interface, customization and health. The main feature of this new version of the operating system, and perhaps the most interesting, concerns the lock screen customizations. You can now switch between different watch styles and sizes, making your phone style more personal than ever. Google also introduced an AI-powered wallpaper generator, although this feature will only be available on the Pixel 8 and 8 Pro models at launch.

On top of that, expanded support for passkeys has been implemented, allowing users to use their fingerprint to log in to third-party apps. Apps will be able to take advantage of Android’s new Credential Manager to streamline the sign-in experience, allowing users to use sign-in methods like passwords and “Sign in with Google” more securely and conveniently. Other new features include better support for camera extensions, support for 10-bit HDR images, and Android’s new Health Connect feature, which lets you store health and fitness data directly on your device, following your steps. Apple Health example. For more details on the Android 14 update for Pixel devices, you can check out the official notes on Google’s website.