Google turns 25, here’s today’s doodle

The most famous and used search engine in the world is now a quarter of a century old and will compete with AI

Google turns 25 today, Wednesday 27 September 2023. Anyone who opens the search engine today sees a 25 in the middle of the writing on the screen. The doodle celebrates its quarter of a century with a shower of colored confetti, thanking users “for searching with us all these years!”.

Because Google was born today

We owe its invention to Larry Page and Sergey Brin, students at Stanford University at the time, who – after developing the theory according to which a search engine based on the exploitation of existing relationships between websites would produce better results than empirical techniques used previously – they founded the company on 27 September 1998. They were convinced that the pages cited with a greater number of links were the most important and worthy: they therefore decided to deepen their theory within the studies they had followed , thus laying the foundation for their search engine.

Where Google was born and the origin of the name

Google was born in Menlo Park, a city on the eastern border of San Mateo County, in the San Francisco Bay Area of ​​California, and its headquarters are located in Montain View, in the so-called Googleplex. The name Google is a variant of ‘googol’, in English the integer expressible with 1 followed by one hundred zeros, chosen to suggest very large figures. With over 90% of searches globally, Google is the most used search engine by internet users and undisputedly dominates the ranking of the most used search engines in the world. What will happen now with the overwhelming arrival of artificial intelligence, which can offer equally, if not more, faster and more complex data and answers? It’s a question we will soon have an answer to.

How to Recover Google Doodles

It’s easy to retrieve Google Doodles, from newest to oldest. Just go to the search engine and type doodle.