GoPro HERO 11, very high resolution images

A breakneck race descending the slope of Villa Della Porta Bozzolo, the historic residence of FAI, the Italian Environment Fund. We also did this to test the new Hypersmooth 5.0 stabilization system of the GoPro Hero version 11. The result – truly surprising – confirms how the camera from the Californian company Woodman Labs has definitely passed the test and stands on the podium of the best “action-cam” products. Not even the steps of the eighteenth-century residence located a few kilometers from Lake Maggiore managed to put the shots of the Gopro Hero 11 in crisis. The same goes when we rotated the camera. The images did not register sudden changes and this is thanks to the 360 ​​degree block of the horizon line. Seeing is believing.

The quality of the images

The new GoPro Hero 11 cameras feature a larger sensor for 10-bit shooting that captures up to billions of colors and 5.6K definition – perhaps the highest among action cameras on the market. We had fun picking up the details of the porcelain, the golden cups, the colored marble bathrooms and the vintage objects inside the luxurious and sumptuous 1930s villa Necchi Campiglio – another flagship residence of Fai – located a few meters from Piazza San Babila in Milan. Images and details reproduced at their best also thanks to the ultra-wide “HyperView” field of vision with which the new cameras are equipped and which have taken up the colors and details of this villa where the cultured and lively atmosphere of the city between the wars is still intact .

Surprise Highlights

There is also a surprise but only for those who have subscribed by paying a little more: the video highlights – made by the Gopro software – of the video material just shot. In short, the GoPro Hero 11 represents the natural evolution for the better of the previous versions. Perhaps something is still missing regarding the zoom of the camera which remains digital and not optical. Details for a product that has always satisfied action camera lovers all over the world.

Pros and cons


  • 10-bit footage, a billion colors
  • Resolution up to 5.3K
  • Shooting highlights (subscription required)


  • An optical zoom is missing (there is only digital)
  • Improved audio performance