Gorgeous even without makeup: Jennifer Aniston looked like this

Gorgeous even without makeup: Jennifer Aniston showed herself this way, as is the gorgeous natural actress.

Who hasn’t had a crush on the wonderful Rachel Green from Friends? One of the most beloved characters in the history of TV series has become masterful above all thanks to her, Jennifer Aniston. More than 20 years have passed since the TV series and, today, the actress is a wonderful 52-year-old, beloved by fans all over the world. Who also follow her on Instagram, where the actress landed in October 2019, beating all records: her profile reached a million followers in just five hours! But do you know what the last post shared on his page is?

Gorgeous even without makeup: Jennifer Aniston showed herself this way, as is the gorgeous natural actress. (Source Getty Images)

Well, about a fortnight ago, the star shared some shots on her profile that did not go unnoticed, showing herself completely natural. Zero makeup and messy hair: this is what Aniston looks like in its ‘soap and water’ version.

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Jennifer Aniston without makeup: the gorgeous actress shows herself in ‘soap and water’ version

Like many stars, Jennifer Aniston has also chosen to show herself completely natural to followers. With a double selfie, the actress she showed herself without a trace of make-up, with unkempt hair, and, above all, without the much-loved filters, super used on Instagram. The post, through which the actress sponsored her hair care line, was literally flooded with likes and comments from fans. Curious to see the gorgeous Jennifer out of the spotlight? Here she is:

jennifer aniston without makeup
(Source Instagram)

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Oh yes, it seems that time has never passed for the wonderful Jennifer, as beautiful as her alter ego Rachel Green! The post was super appreciated by the followers, who love to see the stars appear natural, in an increasingly artificial world like the virtual one: Jennifer’s shots have obtained 3.5 million likes! His Instagram profile has 39.5 million followers: what are you waiting for to join them? The actress’s Instagram channel is full of super original content, you won’t regret it!