Gotham Knights, the new DC TV series in the works

The world of cinematic adaptation of the most iconic comics shows no sign of giving up and Marvel and DC demonstrate it daily that with their productions are really great. It is precisely the second that we are talking about today. Thanks to the production of the American The CW Network, one of the most famous home comics A.D it will soon become one television series. We are talking about “Gotham Knights”, Whose plot revolves around what happens in the mysterious metropolis of Gotham City and in the lives of all its protagonists, after the death of the hero Bruce Wayne aka Batman.

What “Gotham Knights” will talk about, the synopsis

According to what we read on the official presentation of the new television series “Gotham Knights”, transcribed by The CW, the episodes will tell of what happens after the terrible murder of Bruce Wayne (Batman). “In ‘Gotham Knights,’ Bruce’s rebellious adopted son makes an unlikely alliance with the children of Batman’s enemies, having all been accused of killing the Dark Knight. And, as the city’s most wanted criminals, this renegade gang of misfits must fight to clear their name. Meanwhile, without the protection of “Bat Man”, Gotham sinks into the most dangerous abyss it has ever faced. But hope comes from the most unexpected places: these mismatched fugitives will in fact become the new saviors of the city, and will be known as Gotham Knights ”. A rich and compelling plot, which will take its cue from both the homonymous video game soon to be released, both from comic book from Devin Grayson and from the most recent Battle for the Cowl “.

Faces and names behind the production of “Gotham Knights”

The new TV series “Gotham Knights”, which will narrate the “after-Batman”, will be written and scripted by the authors of “Batwoman” and “Gotham“, Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux And Natalie Abrams. They are also serving as executive producers alongside Greg Berlanti, Sarah Schechter and David Madden. This will all happen in association with Warner Bros. Television. Although we do not yet know the official release date of the project and how many seasons and episodes it can be composed, and although we do not have further details on the names of the official interpreters, from the network they let it be known that “Gotham Knights” will be a story to itself, not conceived as a spin-off of “Batwoman” nor of “Gotham”.