Government, arm wrestling continues on Ronzulli: Berlusconi at the crossroads

The match on the upgrade of the faithful from Arcore brakes negotiations with the Brothers of Italy. Tajani warns Meloni: “Equal dignity with Lega, technicians are an exception”

The Ronzulli case continues to hold court in the center-right and to weigh on the ministerial risk. The negotiations on the formation of the new government, they say, are still proceeding slowly also because of the tug-of-war in progress between Giorgia Meloni and Forza Italia over the request for a government upgrade for the Italian senatorone of the closest collaborators of Silvio Berlusconi, who together with Antonio Tajani and Anna Maria Bernini would be in the running for a place on the CDM.

An arm wrestling, as things have turned out, with unpredictable results, given that no one, at the moment, seems to let go. On the one hand, in fact, they report, there is Fi who wants equal dignity of the League with Ronzulli intending not to give up a weighty ministry (such as Health or Education) for one of representation (Equal Opportunities or the Family); on the other hand, there would remain the strong perplexities of via della Scrofa, which (in the name of the principle ‘inside’ only people with high-profile skills) would like to allocate prominent boxes to others.

Hence a stalemate, which fuels internal discontent in Fi and embarrasses Silvio Berlusconi, who in these hours would find himself at a crossroads: ‘sacrifice’ his loyal loyalist on the altar of realpolitik, obtaining ‘compensations’ in exchange, such as an extra first-tier ministry as well as a presidency of Parliament or keeping the point, yielding to the pressure of those who push for the Ronzulli minister , starting, they say, by Marta Fascina, but thus risking to cool relations with the premier in pectore, if not to go to the clash.

Not only: the ‘Licia knot’ is closely linked to Antonio Tajani’s ‘location’, always given on pole for foreigners. The number two of Fi, who with Ronzulli in fact has the reins of the party organization, they report, would like to be a minister, at the Farnesina or at the Defense, on the strength of his European standing, and would have pulled out, for now , from the race for the presidency of the Montecitorio assembly. Today Tajani returned to ask for “equal political dignity with the League” because ” Fi got the same number of votes in the elections ”, reiterating the ‘stake’ on the number of technicians: ” If there will be someone of depth and quality , there are no problems, but it certainly cannot be a government of technicians, because otherwise nothing would have changed … ”. Words that the parts of via della Scrofa have read as a clear claim for Fi but also for himself.

Another knot to be solved is who will be the head of the blue delegation in the CDM: here too there would be a game in progress. As well as all to play (always between loyal Tajani and pro-Gonzullians) there is another game, that of the parliamentary groups, with the election of the new group leaders, scheduled between 16 and 17 October. With Bernini in the Palazzo Chigi team, three-four names would be at stake to lead the group to Palazzo Madama: Ronzulli herself if she does not win as a minister (who would thus be worth her weight in the coalition in the Upper House where the numbers of the majority are narrower); Dario Damiani, current regional forceist deputy coordinator in Puglia, considered close to the loyalist of the Cav; Maurizio Gasparri and Gianfranco Miccichè.

Separate speech at Montecitorio: even here, they report, the race could be opened to dispute the reconfirmation of the outgoing Paolo Barelli. Among the candidates for the role of president of the deputies, there would be that of the undersecretary of defense, Giorgiò Mulè, also competing for a government post.