Government, Belgian socialist: “Lambrusco to Putin? Better amarone”

Marc Tarabella jokes about Berlusconi’s gift to the Russian president: “We need leaders in contact with Putin, but those words discredit the founder Fi”

“But is it the history of vodka and Lambrusco? What terribly surprised me” is that Silvio Berlusconi gave Vladimir Putin “Lambrusco. If it had been an amarone or a sassicaia, Putin would have received good winebut of Lambrusco … not to denigrate Lambrusco, but “it is certainly not the most prized and renowned” Italian wine “. Marc Tarabella, Belgian MEP of the Parti Socialiste (Socialists and Democrats group), son of emigrants from Versilia and connoisseur of the wine heritage of the boot, he laughs heartily commenting, with Adnkronos, the sentences of Silvio Berlusconi on his relations with Russian President Vladimir Putin. “I am a bit surprised”, he adds.

“More seriously – adds Tarabella – his party is already weakened in the coalition. And Antonio Tajani”, who could become foreign minister, “should obviously be the most annoyed. Tajani if ​​he does not dissociate himself from Berlusconi’s words …”, may have problems. However, he notes, “I think that we will need people who have contact with Vladimir Putin. Berlusconi will also be useful: You can joke, and I think what he did and said is not intelligent, but having links with Putin is not shocking, because sooner or later the war in Ukraine will have to end and we will have to deal with the Russian leaders. If Putin is still there, we will have to deal with him. ”

“I – he continues – I think Ukraine should never be part of NATO. It will probably have a particular status: it could be part of the EU, but not of NATO, because it would be a provocation. I think there have been a lot of provocations from some Member States. I don’t know what will happen, but I hope there will be a real negotiation. And Europe should play a role: many have broken ties with Moscow, only Emmanuel Macron maintains contact. “The EU should also do so, “otherwise it will be Recep Tayyip Erdogan” to negotiate with Putin, and Europe “will once again be sidelined in the peace negotiations”. So the good relations of the former Italian premier with the Russian president could also be useful? “The problem – he replies – is that Berlusconi is no longer prime minister. He has an influence on his party than he does, but I think those phrases” about Putin and the war in Ukraine “discredit him”, he concludes.