Government, Berlusconi checks only 2 deputy ministers and loses Mangialavori

Also excluding Cappellacci and Barelli, you are the under-secretaries of Forza Italia

At the end of the fair Silvio Berlusconi checks six undersecretaries and two deputy ministers. But he loses three names on the street, given as favorites to the last: the regional coordinator in Calabria Giuseppe Mangialavori, considered close to Licia Ronzulli, the former governor Ugo Cappellacci, her man in Sardinia and Paolo Barelli, outgoing group leader in the Chamber and very loyal by Antonio Tajani, on pole as Matteo Piantedosi’s ‘deputy’ at the Viminale. The first two would have remained out due to the resistance of Giorgia Meloni related to legal proceedings: from the papers of some Calabrian judicial proceedings, Mangialavori’s proximity (never investigated) to a ‘Ndrangheta clan would have emerged, while Cappellacci would be on trial for corruption and embezzlement . Even about Barelli, according to some center-right parliamentary sources, perplexities of this type would have been expressed.

‘Fallen’ the three big blues, the Cav, they say, ran for cover to replace them, trying at the same time to secure boxes for the southern wing of the party on a war footing because it is considered under-represented at Palazzo Chigi and to guarantee a pink quota, as requested by via della Scrofa. Hence the choice of the former prime minister to focus above all on Berlusconians of the first hour, such as his lawyer and head of justice of Fi, Francesco Paolo Sisto, who became deputy of the Keeper of the Seals Carlo Nordio, and a loyalist who remained excluded from Parliament and now ‘compensated’ , like Valentino Valentini, Cavaliere’s personal interpreter and foreign policy advisor, especially for relations with Moscow, promoted to the new Mise (it is not known whether with the delegation to the Tlc, which has always been coveted by the Azzurri). Not to mention the former president of the RAI surveillance, Alberto Barachini, promoted to undersecretary for publishing. Three key posts for the force leader, which would amply compensate for the failure to conquer the ministry in via Arenula.

As expected, the forty-year-old Matteo Perego from Cremnago, considered close to Berlusconi’s family, who was not re-elected on 25 September last, also joined the team. There is also a new entry ‘in quota Fascina’: the lawyer from Campania (a native of San Giorgio a Cremano) and new deputy Tullio Ferrante (at Infrastructures), considered a friend of the ‘almost wife’ of the former prime minister. Three women placed by Fi, two ‘Southerners’: the Sicilian Matilde Siracusano (in Relations with the Parliament), and the Calabrian Maria Tripodi (in Foreign Affairs), who took the place of Mangialavori in the Cesarini area. In addition to Sandra Savino, current coordinator of Friuli Venezia Giulia (at Mef). Closed the team (A phone call late yesterday evening between the president of Fi and premier Meloni was decisive) however, there would still be strong discontent in Calabria and among the ‘Tajanians’ due to the exclusion of Mangialavori and Barelli, trusted man of the Deputy Prime Minister and number two of Fi. Maldipancia, they say, also in Campania, linked to the Ferrante ‘surprise’.