Government, Berlusconi: “No to pure technicians”

“Draghi? It is a heritage of the country that we cannot renounce”

How do you judge Meloni’s first steps? “I don’t allow myself to make judgments, but she seemed prudent and balanced to me.” Silvio Berlusconi says it to the ‘Press’.

“The League has many more parliamentarians than us because in the negotiations on the colleges the criterion I had proposed was not adopted”, explains the leader of FI regarding the criterion to be followed to form the government, also speaking of “a paradox for which the League has more parliamentarians than us, despite having the same votes. Obviously this mistake must not be repeated as regards the formation of the government. Where quality must naturally prevail, even before representativeness “.

“I don’t believe in pure technicians: if they existed, politics would become useless”, Berlusconi says about the government. What attitude should the new government have towards Russia? “Exactly that of the previous government. There can be no doubt about this.” What role do you see for Mario Draghi? “It will be up to him to decide. But of course it is a heritage of the country that we cannot give up. Obviously he would have all the credentials to occupy a top role in international institutions”.