Government, Berlusconi prepares to return to the Senate and works as undersecretaries

In Fi tensions on eligible candidates, The Knight at Villa Grande files a speech and sees Tajani

Silvio Berlusconi is at Villa Grande meeting with his staff and is filing his speech in the Senate for the trust in the Meloni government. In the blue headquarters on the Appia Antica, the group leader in the Chamber, Alessandro Cattaneo, passed. There is the national coordinator, as well as foreign minister and vice premier, Antonio Tajani. There is no president of the senators Licia Ronzulli, engaged in ‘Porta a Porta’. On the table of the Cav also the node of the undersecretaries (numbers in hand, 6 should be given to Fi plus two deputy ministers). As usually happens in these cases, there are many, indeed too many, the eligible candidates for a few places and as the dead line approaches to close the list of wishes to be delivered to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni (there is talk of a decisive CDM by Friday) , the boxes are getting smaller and smaller and the hopes of the ‘aspirants’ are thinning, especially those of the old guard who have been excluded from Parliament, who are waiting for ‘compensation’.

At present, for Berlusconi they would remain immovable: Francesco Sisto and Paolo Barelli (data favored, respectively, as deputy of Carlo Nordio for Justice and Matteo Piantedosi at the Viminale), Valentino Valentini and the former president of the Rai Vigilanza Alberto Barachini (both in the role of Undersecretary). The former premier, they say, would also focus strongly on the organizational manager of Fi, Gregorio Fontana and the regional coordinator of Calabria Giuseppe Mangiavalori. Among the eligible candidates also the former vice president of the Chamber, Andrea Mandelli, Sestino Giacomoni, Matteo Perego, Valentina Aprea, Deborah Bergamini and Francesco Battistoni. There are those who bet that the match could be Simone Baldelli and Andrea Ruggieri. In the field, they say, there would also be Gianni Letta candidates.

The problem of the South, which feels underrepresented. The discontent in Sicily, Calabria and Campania is growing day by day. And, they say, Berlusconi will not be able to ignore it, given that the package of votes arrived from the southern regions was substantial, helping to raise the average percentage of the party at the national level for the latest policies. Representing the southerners, the Sicilian Matilde Siracusano, the Calabrian Francesco Cannizzaro would remain in the running. For the Campania region the name of Antonio Martusciello circulates, even if his brother, Fulvio, regional coordinator of Fi in Campania and member of the European Parliament, does not unbutton, preferring to maintain silence so as not to burn any of him in pink. The grid will necessarily have to thin out in the next 48 hours: it will be up to Berlusconi to mine the new tug-of-war between ‘ronzulliani’ and ‘governists’, increasingly at loggerheads, to the point that the former have questioned the role of national coordinator of Tajani, finding a solution to the sudoku of the undersecretaries as soon as possible. Better to avoid an internal showdown, which would lead to a split of the atom, which would damage everyone, right now that Fi is decisive for the coalition’s holding in Parliament, says a big blue.