Government, Berlusconi: “Ready to give Meloni advice”

Il Cavaliere: “In tune with Renzi but Italians governed by the centre-right”

The approach of the Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, “seemed absolutely adequate to me. I have the contacts that are needed, whenever needed. And I don’t allow myself to give advice to the Prime Minister in the press. should you need them, I am always here, ready to give them”. To affirm it Silvio Berlusconi in an interview with ‘Corriere della sera’, reiterating that in Forza Italia “I am the only guarantor of the political line, by everyone’s decision”.

“I’ve always respected Renzi and I’ve always thought he plays in a half that isn’t his. Of course, if he wanted to, we could work in harmony on different issues but the Italians chose in the elections by who they want to be governed by,” he said Berlusconi again in the interview.

The war in Ukraine presents “a very worrying scenario, in which too often I hear lightly threatened even the use of nuclear weapons. Peace is necessary and urgent. But peace cannot be in violation of international law and it cannot be a way to divide the West. I’m working on it, we’ll see”, underlined the Knight.