Government, Biden repeats: “Look what happened in Italy”

The US president returns to talk about the vote of 25 September

Joe Biden returned to talk about the outcome of the vote in Italy during a fundraiser for Democrats in Los Angeles, ahead of the midterm elections. “Look what happened,” said the American president, according to the White House transcript of the October 13 event, while talking about the war in Ukraine and the hours that have passed, “220, 225, my staff have calculate, to talk to the heads of state of NATO and the EU to keep them together. It’s not a joke “.

“One thing that Putin had decided – and counted on – is that NATO split. It’s no joke – repeated Biden – Split NATO. And look what’s happening. Look what’s happening on NATO’s eastern front. Look what’s happening on NATO’s eastern front. what is Poland doing. Look at what is happening. And Poland is resisting. But Hungary? What is happening? Look at what has happened recently in Spain and in Italy “.

Already a few days after the vote in Italy, on 28 September last, speaking during a meeting with the democratic governors, the president had said: “You have just seen what happened in Italy in those elections. You will see what will happen in the world. The reason for what I worry about saying this is that you can’t even be optimistic about what’s going to happen here. “