Government: Boggetti (Alisei), ‘search for a real development engine, ready to confront Bernini’

“Italy must go back to believing that science and research are the real engine of the country’s development. And when basic research is applied to the world of life sciences, its repercussions open the doors of the medicine of the future to citizens. A more inclusive, personalized and sustainable medicine ”. This is how Massimiliano Boggetti, President of the Alisei Life Sciences National Technological Cluster, comments on the appointment of the new Minister of University and Research, who took the oath today.

“The pandemic has made clear to all of us the strategic importance of the Life and Health Sciences, highlighting above all the essential role of research and its industrial development, as an engine for improving people’s quality of life. The hope is that our country can finally acquire a role of primary actor and attractor of intelligence and investments, which can have a positive effect on the health of Italians. This is the logic with which Alisei was created, carrying out the activity of connection to this end. , coordination and stimulation between the operational and institutional components of the sector. Healthcare is constantly evolving and modernizing, and it is important that the Country-System invests in these innovations, focusing attention on the entire cycle of value production in the Science field. of Life, starting from early stage research up to the industrialization of innovations, connecting in a synergistic and functional way different realities of Italian excellence, from universities to research centers, from technological parks to companies. All this, if properly exploited, can lead to concrete benefits for Italians, in terms of health, but also of jobs and economic development “.

“We are therefore confident that we will be able to initiate discussions with Minister Bernini as soon as possible to encourage collaboration between the various players in the world of Life Sciences, to define together new development strategies for the sector we represent, in terms of its positioning with respect to foreign countries. and enhancement of innovation “.