Government, Bonomi: “May he be impeccable in people and firm in his choices”

“It is necessary that the ministers know the public machine and the dossier well”

“Our hope is that a government will be formed as soon as possible that is impeccable in the people who make it up and firm in the choices that belong to it”. This was declared by the president of Confindustria, Carlo Bonomi, speaking at the conference of young entrepreneurs of Confindustria, in Capri. ” Today we look forward to the formation of a new government to discuss the urgent measures that this country needs and that will have to be adopted, ” says Bonomi. ” This is the only way we practice to deal with politics and institutions, that is, to propose our vision for the development of the country, industry and work ”.

” The problems in Italy are dramatically urgent – he underlines – and the ministers will have to know the public machine and the dossiers well, the current emergency does not allow to waste time ”. ” A few more days and our work will start again with the new government ” and ” our complicated mission is to ensure a representation that is up to the challenges we face, always carrying it out with a concentrated eye on what is the complex development, the growth of the country and of cohesion, not only of our companies but of all of Italy ”, says the president of Confindustria.