Government, Bonomi: “No conditions to fulfill electoral promises”

“There will be time to make a flat tax or early retirement” but “today the few resources must be put to the defense of industry and families”

“It is legitimate for the parties to try to fulfill the electoral promises, today there are no conditions to do so at this moment. There will be time to make a flat tax or early retirement” but “today the few resources must be put in defense of the industry. and families “. She said it Carlo Bonomi, president of Confindustriaduring the ‘Festa dell’Ottimismo 2022’ organized by the ‘Foglio’.

“The challenges in the short term”, he added, are those of “supporting the Italian industry, because it is not a corporate battle but because without industry there is no Italy. It is national interest and national security to safeguard it, because they are I risk businesses and therefore hundreds of thousands of families “.

“We have benefited from an important rebound in previous years, which has allowed us an extra tax revenue of 60 billion that the government has used to stop the emergency. Next year we will slow down, resources are scarce – he reiterated – and must be put all on the subject of energy, to defend families and businesses “.

“The government, we have always said this from day one, so from tomorrow, it will have to intervene on the energy issue because it is a national emergency issue. support for expensive bills for businesses and families. And then put in place all those interventions of a structural nature, because we pay for years of reckless choices on energy, and therefore we must now secure the country “, continued Bonomi.

“A renewal of the tax-free contract how much more can it bring? To bring money into the pocket of the Italians we need a cut in the tax wedge”, he said again, continuing: “We have to analyze what kind of inflation we have, it’s particular. Let’s assume it has a curve. . It is obvious that purchasing power has been eroded especially for the lower income brackets, and that is why we were asking for a tax wedge contribution cut, to put more money in Italians’ pockets “.

For Bonomi, “the ability of the government to do the NRRR or not” is not concerned, but “supply and demand: we have to unload 170 billion in investments, build infrastructures and beyond” the problems linked “to raw materials, the time to realization is very short, I don’t know if the industrial system will be able to realize them by 2026 “.

But, he warned, “it is not just an Italian problem, but also of other countries and therefore the Plan must be reconfigured at a European level, the timing must be changed because between the time it was first thought of, we had a crisis of raw materials for prices and availability and an energy crisis “.

If the government “asks to meet, we are available. We will evaluate the action on the merits of the measures as we have always done. If it does well we will say ‘good’, if it hurts we will say that it is wrong for us. But on the individual measures as always “, the words of the president of Confindustria.