Government, Calenda: “Berlusconi horrifying spectacle”

“The Third Pole willing to replace Forza Italia? No”

“I find the show that Silvio Berlusconi is giving, in particular, quite horrifying. The idea that you ask the ministries you need on your own, and put something for which either Ronzulli is there or soft … This show for which we are all hanging on to Ronzulli who wants to be a minister is this normal? “. He says it to ‘Che tempo che fa’ Carlo Calenda, leader of Action.

“The answer is no”, says Calenda when asked if the Third Pole is willing to replace Forza Italia in the majority in the event of a break between Silvio Berlusconi and Giorgia Meloni. “This does not remain as the one at the 5 Stars remained”, he underlines. “What we promised the voters is this.”

“It would be very strange if after not going to the elections together, we discovered that we can do not the government, but the opposition together”, he adds. To the secretary of the Democratic Party Enrico Letta I said “let’s make an opposition on concrete things. I have not received an answer. With the 5 Stars it is impossible for me”, remarks Calenda.