Government, ‘challenge’ on the Senate and distances on the team but Meloni pulls straight

The leader of Fdi reiterates: “I will be the most political government ever”

From the chambers to the government, it is still hard to find the square in the center-right. 48 hours after the first vote to elect the presidents of the two houses of Parliament, the agreement on the names of the Chamber and Senate still seems to be on the high seas, as well as for the executive. “No one is under the illusion that we will change ideas and objectives compared to those for which we were voted. Ours will be the most political government ever”, warns the leader of Fdi and premier in pectore Giorgia Meloni, after that at Villa Grande in Rome the face to face between allies Silvio Berlusconi and Matteo Salvini took place. Meeting in which the president of the Brothers of Italy does not participate, while the secretary of the League plays the role of ‘mediator’ hoping “as soon as possible” a summit with the partners of the center.

So many knots to untiefrom Senate. On the part of Fdi, in the evening, it is announced that the name of Ignazio La Russa for Palazzo Madama is not in question. Sources that materialize immediately after the words of the leader of the Lega Riccardo Molinari, who had said that his party works to “bring Calderoli to the presidency of the Senate “. For some, however, it is the storm that leads to peace.” It is a game of parties, everyone holds his position, but then the agreement is found, La Russa it happens to Casellati and Molinari in Fico “, is the reading of Fdi exponents who show confidence, conversing with Adnkronos. On the presidencies of the Chambers” there is a normal dialectic within the majority parties to establish the balance. For Thursday we will have shared names “, assures the UDC secretary, Lorenzo Cesa.

Calderoli, spotted today near the Fdi headquarters in Via della Scrofa, made it known that he was “ready to do everything”, underlining that the choice will be entrusted “to our leaders”, as he says to the reporters who are waiting for him in the street. At Villa Grande the message from the Fdi leader that ‘this is not about La Russa’ came very clear. A stance to which replies a note from the League describing Matteo Salvini “in constant contact with his allies” and a League that “has no pretensions or preclusions and works for a satisfactory agreement in the center-right”. “We – they explain again from Via Bellerio – confirm that we have clear ideas about the team and the most urgent dossiers”. The coalition “must live up to the country’s emergencies and the expectations of the voters,” Salvini said.

“It will be the most political executive ever”

Times are tight, but only after the agreement on the second and third positions of the State, will it be possible to compose the government team. Meloni asked everyone not to waste time, of find the agreement, even on the list of ministers. “Ready to rewrite the fate of the nation with a strong, united and authoritative government”, the premier in pectore wrote today on social media.

Then he specifies that in the executive “we will involve the most suitable people”, a reference to the possible technicians who will be called into question. Not without reiterating that “governments are political when they have a popular mandate, a political guide, a majority born in the polls and not in the building, a clear program and vision”. “Nobody is under the illusion that we will change our ideas and objectives compared to those for which we were voted. Ours will be the most political government ever.” Words that come at the end of a working day for the premier in pectore, who in the morning also saw the Minister of Economy, the technician Daniele Franco, accompanied by the economic managers of Fratelli d’Italia.

Meanwhile, from Fi leaked the new desired by Berlusconi. The Knight, it is learned, would have claimed the Ministry of Economic Development, indicating the name of Antonio Tajani, national blue coordinator, so far more than likely given to foreigners. The faithful Licia is also in the Cavalry squad Ronzulli, one of the most intricate ‘knots’ of these negotiations in light of the strong perplexities of Fdi with respect to the hypothesis of assigning a major department (Health or Education) to the Forza Italia senator. For her, Berlusconi would also have expressly asked the Ministry of Tourism. The Ministry of Justice would also remain in the aims of the leader of Fi, one of the sensitive boxes ‘attention’ also by the Quirinale.

Lega focuses on Giorgetti at Mef

The list of the League: “It would be a source of great satisfaction and pride to play an important role in Economy and Finances “, sources in via Bellerio know in the morning, with implicit reference to the possibility of having Giancarlo in via Venti Settembre Giorgetti. Giorgetti himself participated in a meeting of the leaders of the party with Salvini, also in the presence of Edoardo Rixi, another of the names used by Salvini for Infrastructures. In the names of the Lega quota government, three undersecretaries are mentioned, such as Stefano Locatelli, the head of local authorities, Mario Lolini, regional commissioner in Tuscany and Federico Freni, undersecretary of the Mef.

On the other hand, Alessandra Locatelli’s profile remains for the ministry of the Family and birth rate requested in recent days by Matteo Salvini. While Gian Marco Centinaio, if he were to give way to his secretary Matteo Salvini in Agriculture, could end up leading the Ministry of Tourism. Finally, for Erika Stefani there remains an opening on the Ministry of Regional Affairs and Reforms.