Government, chef Vissani: “Meloni is sly but relentless, reminiscent of Craxi in the golden age”

“He is a decision maker and will do what he says, the problem is that there is no money”

“There Meloni is deadly. I seem to see Craxi in the golden age. He too was a decision-maker, he said ‘this and that’s it’, and that was done. But he had a strong hand that is needed now and Giorgia is like that too, she has a strong hand that doesn’t accept compromises. She carries on slyly but relentlessly”. The chef told Adnkronos Gianfranco Vissaniwho in an all-round interview makes some observations on the new government also in the light of the severe crisis in his sector, that of the restaurant industry.

“I am convinced that Meloni will do what she says – Vissani explains – And I really hope that we can return to normality, or at least to tranquillity. The problem, however, is that if she too is putting herself on the line there is no money“. Vissani explains: “There is trouble everywhere, all over the world. Anger, conflicts and a climate that doesn’t let us know where we’re going to end up. Italy must find itself and understand who it is, rediscover its roots and its history”.

Even in the kitchen, explains the well-known chef, everything has changed, and not for the better. “Globalization and consumerism have brought us to where we are now – Vissani sinks – Intensive farming, GMOs, cooking at low temperatures, with the use of nitrogen…but so we destroy the country. In the kitchen there is no longer the memory of what grandma used to do, forget it. And that was our strength.”