Government, consultations starting today: the calendar

It starts this morning at 10 and closes tomorrow at 10.30. Center-right will go together

Today the consultations at the Quirinale of the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella, for the launch of the new Government start. It will begin this morning at 10, with the hearing of the President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa and will end with the center-right delegation, which will be received tomorrow at 10.30.

This is the calendar: 10:00 am President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa; 11:00 am, Speaker of the Chamber, Lorenzo Fontana; 12:00 Parliamentary Group ‘For autonomies (Svp-Patt, Campobase and Sud Chiama Nord)’ of the Senate; 12:30 pm Mixed Group of the Senate. In the afternoon, always on the calendar today: 4:00 pm Mixed Group of the Chamber; 4.30 pm Representatives of the ‘Green and Left Alliance’ component of the Mixed Group of the Chamber; 17:00 Action-Italia viva-Re parliamentary groups; 6:00 pm 5 Star Movement Parliamentary Groups; 19:00 Parliamentary groups Democratic Party-Democratic and Progressive Italy.

The consultations will resume and will end tomorrow morning at 10.30 with the parliamentary groups, which will go up to the Quirinale together, of Brothers of Italy, Lega Salvini Premier-Sardinian Action Party, Forza Italia Berlusconi president, Civici d’Italia – Noi moderati ( Udc, Courage Italy, Us with Italy, Italy in the Center) -Maie.