Government crisis, Berlusconi and the temptation to vote

Moral suasion Confalonieri-Letta per Draghi bis

Silvio Berlusconi is in Rome to follow the latest developments in the Draghi government crisis and keep a close eye on the situation. At ‘Villa Grande’, the former villa Zeffirelli on the Appia Antica, Cav will not see, for now, his ministers Gelmini, Brunetta and Carfagna, considered ‘draghiani’ by the most extremist and sovereign blues, nor will he meet the parliamentarians, but he will take stock with the number two of the party, Antonio Tajani and the group leaders of the Chamber and Senate, Anna Maria Bernini and Paolo Barelli, present the senator Licia Ronzulli, in charge of relations with the allies.

The Cav is at the window, confirms the axis with Matteo Salvini and every road is kept open: that of the early vote, invoked (at least in words) also by the League, and a Draghi bis, sponsored by the historic president of Mediaset, Fedele Confalonieri ( by definition it has always been a ‘government’ as the Berlusconians of the first hour recall) and by Gianni Letta, who in these days, they say, is claiming his moral suasion more than ever. The ‘Lettiani’, as we learn, immediately advise against elections, also in light of the latest confidential projections of ‘Euromedia Research’ founded by Alessandra Ghisleri, according to which if you went to the polls now, the center-right would not have the certainty of the numbers for to govern.

Waiting for the communications from Draghi scheduled for Wednesday in the Chamber, in the Senate, the party continues to wonder what will become of the center-right if ‘Super Mario’ does not make it. There are those who, comforted by the polls, are convinced of the victory of the coalition, despite internal divisions, if one were to go to the polls before the natural expiry of the legislature and who, on the other hand, are betting on another majority of national unity. This time, to ignite the debate among the Azzurri, it is above all Confalonieri’s interview with the ‘Corsera’, in which he hopes for a continuation of the current government (” Better that Draghi remains ”).

In particular, the passage dedicated to Giorgia Meloni (” I advise Silvio to focus on Giorgia ” for the leadership of the future coalition) and that on the need to ” found a large conservative party, which goes to Gianni Read and by Ronzulli, our strong woman, up to Salvini “and the president of Fdi, in fact. Words that the top management, starting with Tajani, prefer not to comment, but they have a weight, and how.” Confalonieri does not comment, but listen ”, says a big, regular presence in Arcore.

The exit of Confalonieri, they say, divides the Azzurri. Some are wondering what the news is about Meloni, given that, polls in hand, its leadership is in fact, if the rule ‘who has the most votes commands’ still applies. Others turn up their noses, because they interpret the words of the Mediaset manager as a sort of ‘friendly fire’, right now that the Cav is trying to relaunch Fi, putting his face on it again, despite the ailments and age. Apertis verbis speak in very few, all solicited.

” That of Confalonieri is a beautiful and sincere interview ”, assures Renata Polverini, former governor of Lazio and current member of the Forces. Along the same lines Gianfranco Rotondi: (” It is the best interview I have read in recent years … ”), who explains: ” Confalonieri photographs reality and gives a perspective to the center-right. He exposes an idea of ​​a political system: a large moderate party on the one hand, a progressive one on the other. And at the head of the moderate part he sees Meloni ”. For an exponent of the old guard like the former Undersecretary of Justice, Giacomo Caliendo, however, ” here the question is not to focus on Meloni or on someone else, but we must focus on the center-right. In my opinion, Confalonieri meant that we must remain united as the center-right and currently, according to the polls, Meloni is the one with the most votes ”.