Government crisis, Crosetto-Bonaccini social ‘duel’ on mayors’ appeal

The president of Emilia Romagna: “Puppets? No, this too is democracy”

Giorgia Meloni criticizes the mayors who are signing the appeal to Draghi to stay at Palazzo Chigi. For the leader of the Brothers of Italy, “the first citizens shamelessly use the institutions as party sections”. You are words that trigger a slew of reactions, including that of dem Marcucci who accuses Meloni of “institutional illiteracy”.

The president of Emilia Romagna Stefano Bonaccini also spoke: “So according to Meloni, hundreds of mayors (actually growing by the hour) who are signing an appeal to ask Mario Draghi to stay are all puppets? And the civics who sign to whom would they answer? Simply surreal, “writes the governor on Twitter.

The social reply comes from the former deputy Guido Crosetto. Giorgia Meloni, writes the co-founder of Fratelli d’Italia, “is saying (in my opinion) that there is an institutional democratic seat for trusting a government (not a man!) And it is the Parliament. but it is not enough for him. Using other institutions is, according to her, improper and has only a party logic. She is not wrong “. The question and answer ends tightly: “No dear Guido. Let’s not joke. This is also called democracy”, replies Bonaccini.