Government crisis, Di Battista: “Draghi wants to go”

On Facebook: “Di Maio is attached to the armchair”

“Draghi wants to leave and Di Maio is attached to the chair. This is the truth!”. The former M5s Alessandro Di Battista writes it on Facebook.

“I do not have to defend the 5 Star Movement (let alone, in the last year and a half it is indefensible, from ‘Draghi è grillino’ onwards it has been a continuous suicide) however I love to defend the truth – reads the post – It is evident that Draghi is is tired of being Prime Minister. In reality he never wanted to do it. He accepted hoping to soon become President of the Republic. Now he takes the ball to leave while most of the Press blames Conte as a irresponsible because it made us lose (according to them) the best Prime Minister in the galaxy. Nonsense. “.

“If Draghi really wanted it, he would still be not only the Prime Minister, but the Prime Minister of a government of national unity, because almost everyone would vote for his trust, continues Di Battista.

“On the other hand, those who are terrified of losing their seats and going to early elections (they should put their diary in the hand of Carlo Verdone in a ‘Sacco Bello’) to call all the Christian Democrats of Italy, with the danger that many are not willing to answer him because there are serious Christian Democrats and not just Christian Democrats of convenience) is Luigi Di Maio “, he concludes.