Government crisis, Salvini-Berlusconi axis for common strategy

Phone call between leaders, rumors of a meeting in Sardinia on Monday morning

The center-right government will face the crisis of the Draghi government with a common strategy after the resignation of the premier. This is what emerged from today’s phone call between Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi to take stock of the political situation after the tearing up of the ‘contiani’. Therefore, the Lega-Fi axis is renewed, so much so that League sources assure that the two leaders confirm full harmony. In these days of great political tension, the secretary of the Carroccio and the former prime minister are speaking to each other several times.

Still nothing has been decided but next week, perhaps on Monday morning, the Cav and the number one in via Bellerio could meet at Villa La Certosa, the Sardinian buen retiro of the former premier. Both Berlusconi and Salvini strongly condemn the 5 stars led by Giuseppe Conte and are ready to support an encore Draghi even without the pentastellati, otherwise there is only an early vote. On Monday evening, from 8.30 pm, Salvini will bring together his parliamentarians in Rome.