Government, Crosetto: “Judicial opposition is the danger”. Anm: “Misleading idea”

In an interview with Corriere della Sera, the Defense Minister says that the Meloni executive can only be put at risk by the judicial opposition, “which has always undermined centre-right governments”. The president of the ANM Santalucia: “The representation of a judiciary that works against and that can become political-party opposition is misleading”

“The only great danger is that of those who have always felt like an antagonistic faction and who have always undermined centre-right governments: the judicial opposition”. Thus, in an interview with Corriere della Sera, Defense Minister Guido Crosetto. The minister then added: “They tell me about meetings of a section of the judiciary in which they talk about how to ‘stop the anti-democratic drift to which Meloni is leading us’. Since we have seen all sorts of things done in the past, If I know this country well, I expect this season to open soon, before the European Championships.” The reply from the president of the ANM Giuseppe Santalucia was immediate: “The representation of a judiciary that works against and that can become political-party opposition is misleading”.

Della Vedova: Crosetto explain the attack on the judiciary

The deputy of Più Europa, Benedetto Della Vedova, in reference to the minister’s declarations, commented: “Crosetto today launches a disturbing alarm on the ‘judicial opposition’ which would be the only great danger for Meloni and the government. To open a conflict so head-on institutional relationship between the government and the judiciary, Crosetto certainly cannot start from some hearsay, it would be irresponsible, but it will certainly have specific and concrete elements. And it is good that he immediately reports it to Parliament”.

Crosetto defends Lollobrigida

In his interview, Crosetto also talks about his colleague Lollobrigida and defends him on the ‘Frecciarossa case’: “Getting off a train that was two hours late, stopped, as he himself explained, and together with other people, doesn’t seem like a privilege. I find these controversies surreal.” And why does the League do them? “Because there are the European elections, and all parties need to maintain spaces of visibility. The majority party is always the one that suffers the most: when it was Fi, with Berlusconi, it had to swallow many bitter pills. Now it’s up to we”.