Government, D’Agostino: “Yesterday the great humiliation of Berlusconi, sad ‘via trucis'”

“Meloni treated like a maid by him and Salvini, he pulled out his muscles”

Last night “we witnessed the Great Humiliation of Berlusconi, who returns after seven years in Parliament and is pissed off like a little boy. He thought he was like in the good old days, where he was the boss who said ‘do this’,’ you are a The fact is that both Berlusconi and Salvini did not understand that Meloni won the elections and that she is the one who will rule the government and propose the list of ministers to Mattarella. maid pulled some muscle and said ‘no’. ” Word of Roberto D’Agostino, creator of the Dagospia website, who at the Adnkronos comments with his corrosive scratch on what happened yesterday in the Senate and the background to the election as president of Ignazio La Russa.

“Dagospia has been talking about it for weeks and now everyone is aware of Mrs. Ronzulli – sinks D’Agostino – who has as a curriculum that of being a nurse and of having managed the arrival of the girls at Villa Certosa. Healthcare or Education? We know that Mattarella will monitor both from a moral and penal point of view and will be very strict there “. The fact is, explains ‘Dago’ “that the lady managed to split the Forza Italia party, which is 50% her and 50% Tajani, one against the other, a party that had already been weakened with the exits of Carfagna. , Gelmini and Brunetta. Dying for Ronzulli? This is the point. Yesterday many Forza Italia groups were in turmoil, they were ready to say ‘should we stay in this party?’

“She is diabolical, Meloni knew very well that once she sits at the table of ministers she becomes a loose cannon”, says the founder of ‘Dagospia’, who makes a prediction: “Forza Italia will flourish, because Ronzulli, with her temperament will want revenge. So he will go and be the group leader in the Senate. How long will it be before both Berlusconi and Forza Italia are buried? Also because the others, like the Terzo Polo, are waiting to take away what remains of the party – he observes – and on the other Crosetto and & Co. who will get those from FI who do not want to be on their knees at the foot of the Ronzulli to get on the winner’s wagon. There is a lot of chaos “.

Dago observes at Adnkronos: “We have always written that Meloni’s problem was her post-fascist and Missino past, the hostility of Europe, the intolerance of the United States, and from these international concerns we ended up in Ronzulli? ridiculous. They wasted all this time because Berlusconi could not do without his former nurse. Sadder than that. It is truly a ‘trucis’ way “. What happened yesterday at Palazzo Madama “showed not only that Berlusconi and Forza Italia are irrelevant, but above all the lack of dignity of these people in the face of the economic and energy crisis that afflicts the country”, he adds.

In conclusion, “yesterday was supposed to be for Berlusconi the return after seven years, the triumph after the Severino law and the dishonor … and instead he gets caught, in addition with the whole family against – says the journalist – Piersilvio who he talks to the parliamentarians, Marina who talks to the lawyers, even Confalonieri and Letta went home to tell him ‘do we want to stop with this Ronzulli? La Ronzulli “she is like Mamma Ebe, if she catches you she tears you to pieces”, he jokes.

“I hope – Dago says again – that the Piersilvio-Marina family will try to get Berlusconi banned, it is the only way to save something. Not to save the party that died, but at least to save the assets. After yesterday, I hope that some Kind-hearted family member face a banning process against this man. Why does it have to end like this? Once there was a film, ‘You don’t kill horses like this’, I say ‘You don’t kill Berlusconi like this’. shots of Ronzullate “.