Government, Deiana (Sardinia Port Authority): “Ministry of the Sea? Certainly more attention”

“Italy has duties and rights on a fifth Mediterranean”.

“I have no opinion on the possible administrative choice of establishing a Ministry of the Seabut I can say that definitely a renewed and more intense attention to this issue is neededbecause Italy with over 8 thousand km of coastline, for a right and reverse between the territorial sea, Frontex exclusive economic zone, search and rescue and other amenities is a maritime country par excellence with duties, obligations and even some rights on one fifth of the Mediterraneanoverlooked by 22 sovereign states (about 500 thousand square km of maritime space) “. Thus the Adnkronos Massimo Deiana, professor of Navigation Law at the University of Cagliari and president of the Port System Authority of the Sea of ​​Sardinia, expresses himself on the hypothesis of the establishment of a Ministry of the Sea currently being examined by the center-right and adds: “We are a gigantic pier extending for almost a thousand kilometers between continental Europe and Africa. In all this it is clear that our sea policy, called the blue economy, it needs more intense, careful and concentrated attention “.

“Our studies – continues Deiana – have shown that a euro invested in the blue economy has a higher return than others in many production sectors. We are talking about 3.5, some even say 4, but even if it were the lower part of the gap, we are talking about an important multiplier. We must realize this, not only in words but by giving answers given that we are talking about a world that is going at more than double the speed that our country is able to follow at the moment ” . “Our competitors – she explains – have a capacity to respond and forecast trends that we do not have”.

“Whether this fact will be addressed by a Ministry of the Sea, or by dedicated procedures or by greater attention is not a controversy that fascinates me. There are many competences on the sea that concern the environment, energy, the economy , the global geopolitical strategies, therefore talking about a ministry may perhaps be unrealistic. The important thing – concludes the president of the Authority – is however that the sector receives the attention it currently has “. (by Roberta Lanzara)