Government, Draghi brings ‘his Italy’ to New York

Among the objectives, to convey the image of a strong country ready to respect the commitments made

It is the longest journey since driving Palazzo Chigi. Four days full and full of appointments, starting with the United Nations General Assembly, the highlight of the new US trip that follows the visit to President Joe Biden last May. Mario Draghi will leave next Monday for New York, he will return to Italy only on Friday morning. A journey that arrives in the days that will mark the last bars of a fiery election campaign, where there was no lack of blows and where, after yesterday’s press conference, even the prime minister ended up speaking about him. Or at least let it be understood, beating hard on the sovereignists, not evading the barrage of questions from journalists and reiterating which side Italy should be on, regardless of the political color of the government to come.

And it will certainly be this one of Draghi’s goals in the States. Reassure allies, deliver the image of a strong Italy ready to honor its commitments, read Next Generation Eu. By supporting the Euro-Atlantic position, as he did yesterday when, to those who asked him about the tear of Meloni and Salvini in Europe on Orban’s Hungary, he strongly replied that in choosing allies one should think first of all of the interests of the Italians. Words received with anger in the Fdi headquarters, especially in via Bellerio, where the leader was also ‘beaten’ on the sanctions against Russia, with a thrust destined to hit those who ‘flirt’ with Moscow: “we know, there is the one who loves the Russians madly, wants to lift the sanctions and secretly talks to them every day … “. He certainly does not need the glass ball to understand who Draghi was referring to, even though he never mentioned the leader of the League by name. “In international relations we need to be transparent, we need coherence, not overturns and turns”, is the warning of the head of the government. That even on the hypothesis of updating the PNRR, he cuts short: “There is little to change”.

In the days of New York, Draghi – for Americans ‘the unitalian’ precisely because it seems, at least in their eyes, so little Italian – will bring the vision of the government he led, firmly placed alongside the USA, with a firm and clear position on the war in Ukraine: condemnation of the aggressor, support for Kiev with no ifs and buts, solidarity with the Ukrainian people which also passes through the sending of weapons, despite the internal earthquake that ensued in Rome and which Draghi had to face. But the premier’s arrival also comes a few days after the phone call with the US Secretary of State Antony Blinken on the dossier of the Moscow funds brought as a dowry to various European political parties and leaders.

The interview, announced by Blinken with a tweet that took Palazzo Chigi by surprise, has removed shadows from Italy, but it is easy for the burning dossier to be talked about again in the corridors of the United Nations Headquarters. Where Draghi will arrive on Tuesday to attend the general debate of the 77th UN General Assembly and meet President Csaba Korosi in the afternoon. His speech is expected at the end of the evening, 7.45 pm local time, when it will be late at night in Rome.

In the morning there will also be a visit by the premier on Broadway, at Jay Suites, for the opening session of Youth4Climate, while the night before, upon his arrival in New York, the former issue of the ECB will be awarded the World Statesman Award, recognition of the Appeal of Conscience Foundation. An award that comes a few months after the recognition obtained, last May, by the Atlantic Council in Washington.

The premier’s agenda, still being defined, foresees a meeting with Secretary General Antonio Guterres on the afternoon of Wednesday 21, also at the United Nations Building, while on Thursday Draghi is expected to stay in the city for a series of confidential meetings. A full-bodied journey, which however does not close the international agenda of the Prime Minister Draghi.

Considering that the formation of a government is never immediate, and that the Parliament that will come out of the vote on 25 September will take office on 13 October, it is more than likely that the European Council of 20-21 October will also be chaired for Italy by Dragons. A very important summit because the measures to tackle the energy crisis should be completed, including the price cap.

Preliminary to this step, the extraordinary summit in Prague – scheduled for October 6-7 – where political decisions will be taken on how to manage the energy gap and where Draghi will certainly be present. A few days before – on September 30 – the countries of the Med area will meet in Alicante, Spain, to build critical mass and present themselves at the European top with one voice. But the most interesting trip is certainly the one in the States, also due to the concomitance with the vote, around the corner, on 25 September.

It is difficult to say whether the premier will return to have his say, highly unlikely given the imminence of the vote and the appointments that await him. After all, what he had to say he said loud and clear in yesterday’s press conference, where he also reiterated the appeal to the Italians to go to the polls. Whatever the result that will emerge on the night between 25 and 26 September, Draghi in New York will reiterate that Italy is a strong and solid country, and that it is right to trust Italians. “Italy will cope with any government”, he said in the famous speech at the Rimini Meeting, which yesterday seems almost to have disavowed because of the jabs to the sovereignists. But net of yesterday’s jabs, it is easy to imagine that the Prime Minister will bring to his allies the vision of a reliable country that it is right to continue to trust. Because the interests of the Italians come first, even before the fibrillations, battles and tripping of politics.