Government, “Draghi has not made any pact to guarantee Meloni in the EU”

The denial of Palazzo Chigi: “Regular contacts with international interlocutors on the main dossiers on the agenda”

Palazzo Chigi denies the thesis and the content of the article ‘Kiev and public accounts, Draghi’s contacts with the EU -‘ Meloni will stay at the pacts’, published today in Repubblica. The Prime Minister has not made any pact or made any commitment to guarantee anything. The Prime Minister maintains regular contacts with international interlocutors to discuss the main dossiers on the agenda and remains committed to allowing an orderly transition, within the framework of correct institutional relations.

“I find it quite surreal that certain press invents my quotation marks from scratch, publishing completely arbitrary reconstructions. Put your soul in peace: the united center-right has won the elections and is ready to govern. Enough mystifications”, wrote today on Twitter the president of the Brothers of Italy Giorgia Meloni.