Government, Draghi: “My grandfather at the service of the institutions, my fate does not count”

“The responsibility for the decision rests entirely in the hands of the political forces”

“I do not imagine my future inside and outside the institutions, the important thing is to live the present as best as possible, this is what I try to do”, and all the components of the government “have worked on the present without asking themselves what that will be the future “. Thus the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, in the press conference at the end of the year.

My personal destinies count for absolutely nothing. I have no particular aspirations of one kind or another, I am a man, if you want a grandfather, at the service of the institutions“said Draghi.” The responsibility for the decision – he continued – is entirely in the hands of political forces, not in the hands of individuals: it would be an offense to Italy, which is much more than individuals. The greatness of the country is not determined by this or that individual but by a complex of forces, people and political support that allow us to go in the right direction “.

“We have achieved three great results – underlined the premier – We have made Italy one of the most vaccinated countries in the world, we have delivered the PNRR in time and achieved the 51 objectives. We have created the conditions for continuing work on the PNRR. The government has created these conditions regardless of who will be there (at the helm, ed): the important thing is that the government is supported by a majority like the one that supported this government, and it is the largest possible. It is a majority that I want to thank very much “.

“The government begins with Mattarella’s call, a call of the highest order, which translated into constant proximity to government action, the daily responsibility of the government lies in the Parliament, the continuation of the government lies in the Parliament”, said the premier. answering a question about the future of government. “The Constitution provides for a parliamentary government, the results have been possible because there is the Parliament, which decides the life of the executive”.

“This government was born ‘called’ by the President of the Republic, it did much of what it was called to do. We all spent all of ourselves – he remarked – Fundamental for government action was the support of political forces , and that is the fundamental point “.

In the future, can the Quirinale play a role of ‘accompanying’ the executive action? “No, the government is a parliamentary government, this is what the Constitution provides. The President of the Republic is not so much a notary as a guarantor. The example of President Mattarella is perhaps the best guide to interpreting the role of the President of the Republic: he guaranteed national unity, from which came a large majority that supported the strength of this government. This government, supported and protected by a large majority, has tried to do the best possible “said the premier, answering questions from journalists.

The one towards Sergio Mattarella is “a message of affection, the affection that all Italians feel towards a figure who it played its role beautifully, with gentleness and firmness – he underlined – He went through very difficult moments and he chose with clarity and wisdom. It is the example, the model of President of the Republic “.