Government, Draghi to ministers: “Work hard, more possible results in 2 months”

The goal is to allow at the end of October to minimize the backlog and above all to fully implement the measures introduced by the executive

Even in this phase of the executive’s handling of current affairs, the government remains committed to law enforcement. The Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, invited the ministers and the technical structures “to continue to work hard, to achieve as many results as possible in the next two months“. The objective is to allow at the end of October to reduce the backlog to a minimum and above all to fully implement the measures introduced by the government. Palazzo Chigi reports this.

“From February 13, 2021 to August 31, 2022, the Government” disposed of “(adopted and repealed) a total of 1,274 measures, provided for by the legislative provisions of the Governments of the XVII and XVIII Legislatures. In the first eight months of 2022 alone, 546 measures were disposed of ( and among these 106 decrees of the 153 foreseen by the budget law for 2022). These are the updates on the implementation of the government program illustrated today by Undersecretary Roberto Garofoli during the Cdm. A result achieved thanks to constant work and commitment of all the Administrations “, it is remarked.

For this reason, “the offices of the Presidency of the Council have drawn up very ambitious targets for the months of September and October in order to achieve a drastic reduction in the implementation stock of the XVIII legislature with an overall target of 243 decrees (of which 120 decrees to be adopted in September and 123 in October). A survey was also made of the specific measures that each ministry will have to adopt, also taking into account the milestones of the NRP and the priorities for implementing the budget law “.