Government, Fazzolari: “Meloni asks for seriousness. Forza Italia? We trust there will be no problems”

The senator of the Brothers of Italy: “We want to govern well and for a long time”

After the episode of the Senate, with the election of Ignazio La Russa which took place without the votes of Forza Italia, is there fear of the majority holding? “We are very serene, our intention is only to govern well and for a long time. Meloni has shown that this is the only concern he has. And it is difficult to think that government difficulties can be created, just because the possible next president of the Council asks for seriousness and clear behavior for the executive’s action. So we trust that there will be no problems “, Fdi senator Giovanbattista Fazzolari replies to Adnkronos, who according to rumors could play a leading role in the next government Meloni (for him we talk about the role of undersecretary to the Prime Minister). And to those who ask him if the center-right will present itself together with the consultations, Fazzolari replies: “Let’s suppose so.”

“The fact that Berlusconi voted has a symbolic value. It is difficult to say that Fi did not vote. Berlusconi represents the vote of a senator, but Berlusconi is Forza Italia,” says Fazzolari.

“From a symbolic point of view – observes the FDI program manager – the Berlusconi vote is worth more than that of all the others who did not vote. From a numerical point of view, the problem could have been posed in theory: this did not happen. and in the end this choice only damaged those who had decided to make it: not La Russa or Fratelli d’Italia “.