Government, FdI: “There is agreement on presidents of the Chamber and Senate”

The announcement of Senator Giovanbattista Fazzolari ‘. Towards final ok in La Russa-Molinari

The road to the boxes could be made downhill in view of the next government. Road that until yesterday seemed interrupted by the sparks in the center-right on the election of the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber, on which Montecitorio and Palazzo Madama begin to vote tomorrow.

Matteo Salvini and leading Fdi exponents, such as Gianbattista Fazzolari, confirm that the agreement would have been found. Last night, while leaving the Chamber, Ignazio La Russa had also launched a “you will see that the flowers will blossom in the morning”. This morning rumors from authoritative sources report that the agreement would be on La Russa himself in the Senate, and on Riccardo Molinari in the House.

Has an agreement been reached in the center-right on the presidents of the Chamber and the Senate? “There is an agreement. There are no problems”, assured Fazzolari, speaking to Montecitorio. And to those who asked him if during the night the stalemate on the toto-ministers was unblocked, he replied: “There have never been any particular critical issues …”.

So, has the Ronzulli stumbling block also been overcome ?, asked the reporters. “I repeat: there are no particular criticalities, as always it is a question of finding a joint”. Today’s summit among center-right leaders “serves to better outline the picture”, he commented.

The agreement reached should at this point lead to an agreement also for the Mef, where the Northern League player Giancarlo Giorgetti should go, and to Justice which could see an exponent of Forza Italia in Largo Arenula, where the most accredited names remain those of Elisabetta Casellati , president of the outgoing Senate and Francesco Paolo Sisto. While the summit with Salvini and Berlusconi should be held at Villa Grande in the evening, after the federal council convened by Matteo Salvini for 4 pm in Rome, in the Salvadori room.