Government, first birthday as prime minister for Giorgia Meloni

The prime minister turns 46 today, family celebrations

First birthday as Prime Minister for Giorgia Meloni. Her premier turns 46 today, having been born in Rome on January 15, 1977. An anniversary certainly destined to remain etched in her personal memory, also considering the fact that she is the first premier to have landed at Palazzo Chigi.

Even in the past there have been equally significant moments. Meloni was in fact vice president of the Chamber when he celebrated his 30th birthday in 2007, while on January 15 two years later, at 32, he held his first government post as youth minister.

Few details on how the Prime Minister will spend the day today.

The 46 candles blown last night, at the home of very trusted friends, among her closest loved ones. With her, of course, her partner Andrea Giambruno and her daughter Ginevra, who gave her a pair of earrings, one of Meloni’s most appreciated gifts, a source tells Adnkronos who was with her yesterday, while, happy and smiling, blowing out the candles on the cake, complete with a good luck toast. Also present at the evening with friends was his sister Arianna – after the one in Geneva it seems to have been her gift most appreciated by the premier – and her husband, Meloni’s brother-in-law as well as minister of agriculture and food sovereignty, Francesco Lollobrigida.