Government, Fornero: “Meloni responsible, Salvini starts working”

“I do not wish the Italians Salvini Minister of Labor”

What should Matteo Salvini do in the new government? “He said I’ve never worked in my life, if I thought the same way I could tell him that it’s time for him to start working.” Elsa Fornero, economist and former Minister of Labor, responds to ‘A Sheep Day’.

“I do not wish the Italians Salvini Minister of Labor – said Fornero about the hypothesis for the leader of the League to cover this box – I have no faith in him, I would give him a break”, in the last elections “the result of Meloni otherwise he would have been a loser. ” Who did you vote for? “I voted on one side for the Democratic Party and on the other for Calenda. It was a serious mistake not to get together, that would have been my wish”.

How would you judge the figure of Panetta at the Ministry of Economy? “I would be happy, as a citizen, and I would be very reassured. Meloni is cautious in the few statements he makes, and this too is appreciable, but not all of the majority of him show the same responsibility”.

Giorgia Meloni, for Fornero, “has behaved responsibly so far, she has shown a great deal of awareness, she is preparing herself, she is studying”.

To those who ask if he would suggest to Meloni to include technicians in his executive, “if we were in a period in which the debt could be easily increased – he replies – everyone would like to be ministers of the economy, but now we are in difficult times. Who takes on these responsibilities that make you lose consensus? Then you put on a technician, which also gives the politician an escape to be able to say, in case, ‘it’s his fault’ “.