Government, from Letta appeal to “everyone’s responsibility”

The secretary gathers the groups. Waiting for a possible Draghi-Conte meeting

Enrico Letta raises the bar and does it without mincing words. It is not “blackmail”, it is not “spite” but if the 5 Stars go out, you go to vote. “It is in the logic of things”. And the words of Matteo Salvini and Silvio Berlusconi are there to confirm it. “What they said is an obvious consideration.” The words of the secretary of the Democratic Party in front of the joint meeting of parliamentarians arrive while a national council of the 5 Stars is still in progress. “Tomorrow they will go out in the Senate”, the prediction of the deputies and senators who slip into the Sala Regina in the Chamber. And the dem appeals to “everyone’s responsibility”.

And then the indiscretion of the Adnkronos on a possible new meeting or in any case contacts in the next few hours between Giuseppe Conte and Prime Minister Mario Draghi, stop the engines. And by many dem it is read as an ‘extra time’ by Conte to try to get out of the corner and avoid the showdown tomorrow in the Senate in the vote of confidence on the aid. The belief among the Pd parliamentarians is that after Draghi’s words yesterday on the no al bis and therefore those of Salvini and Berlusconi, panic has spread among the pentastellati and that the time for ‘games’ is over.

And Letta does not discount, dramatizes, mentions the First World War. “I say: be careful, because I wouldn’t want the distinctions to end up like the Sarajevo gunshot that started the First World War. Nobody wants the distinctions to become the Sarajevo gunshot”. That would blow up the government but also the alliances. Because just when the social priorities of the Democratic Party and the progressive camp become a priority for the government, it would be “paradoxical to open a crisis”.

“When the government puts the fight against precariousness at the center of its action, I think it would be paradoxical to put the government in crisis”, says Letta who indeed claims with “pride” that the priorities set for some time by the Democratic Party – from the minimum wage to the wedge fiscal – have entered the government agenda. And so he warns the 5 Stars: “I say with great force to those who ask a series of questions and a turning point that we, this turning point, have seen it and glimpsed the concrete possibility of a social change so that the next 9 months are the months in which the government responds to the crisis “.

But if the government falls, the possibility of realizing that social agenda also falls. “It is time not to brake but to accelerate the steering action, it is not the time to park the car in the garage but to accelerate. politicians, responsible and strong, they know what political choices to make. We cannot stand at the window and start campaigning from today “.

The Pd secretary underlines: “Italy needs a government, not a crisis or to precipitate elections in mid-August”. And finally Letta claims: “We won the administrative elections in October, those in June, we have a strong, solid, attractive party. As Prodi says, a rock party. We are a rock party and the Italians know they can trust us” . Therefore “u
n appeal to everyone’s responsibility: let’s go ahead, let’s complete the social agenda of the government, the distinctions do not drag with them the opportunity for many Italians “. And to those who have criticized a certain ‘aphasia’ of the Democratic Party at this stage, he replies:” Politics is mediation and compromise, if there is a need to say a word less we say a word less, if it serves to obtain the result. “We will see in the next few hours whether that result will be brought home or not.