Government, from tax authorities to businesses and families: the Meloni economic manifesto

There are immediate measures and legislative objectives

Fiscal peace and the cut in taxes on labor, simplifications for businesses and the overcoming of the Fornero Law, measures for families and young people and the South, the protection of strategic infrastructures and Made in Italy, the green transition with a keep an eye on the economy. There are immediate measures and legislative objectives in the economic manifesto of Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, in line with the energy emergency and budget availability. The ‘Melonomics’ puts businesses, families and young people at the top of its priorities and aims for a Copernican revolution in the relationship between citizen and public administration from which a new fiscal pact will be born.

MEASURES AGAINST ENERGY-DEPENDENT AND LIFE-DEPENDENT – Meloni has announced measures to support families and businesses, both in terms of bills and fuel. To give relief against the impact of the rise in inflation, the premier also stressed that it is essential to intervene with measures aimed at increasing the disposable income of families, starting from the reduction of taxes on productivity premiums, from the further increase of the exemption threshold. of the so-called fringe benefits and the enhancement of corporate welfare. Among the other objectives, to enlarge the number of primary goods which benefit from VAT reduced to 5%.

MORE GROWTH TO REDUCE DEBT – For the Prime Minister, “the way to reduce the debt is not the blind austerity imposed in the past years and neither are the more or less creative financial adventurisms. The main road is economic growth, lasting and structural”.

FOREIGN INVESTMENTS – Forward foreign investments but no predatory logic, Meloni clarified, stressing that “we will be open to welcoming those foreign companies that choose to invest in Italy, bringing development, employment and know-how in a logic of mutual benefits”. PNRR. “We will best spend the 68.9 billion non-repayable and 122.6 billion loaned to Italy by the Next Generation EU. Without delay and without waste, and agreeing with the European Commission the necessary adjustments to optimize spending, in light of especially the rise in the prices of raw materials and the energy crisis, because these materials are faced with a pragmatic, not ideological approach “, underlined the premier.

SOUTH – The South is among the key points of the new government’s economic program. “We will work hard to bridge an unacceptable infrastructure gap, eliminate disparities, create jobs, ensure social security and improve the quality of life,” she explained.

INFRASTRUCTURE – For Meloni it is necessary to create new infrastructures to enhance connections. Furthermore, “structural investments are needed to address the climate emergency, environmental challenges, hydrogeological risk and coastal erosion, and to accelerate the reconstruction processes of the territories affected in recent years by earthquakes and natural disasters”, he added.

STRATEGIC INFRASTRUCTURE PROTECTION – “We intend to protect national strategic infrastructures by ensuring public ownership of networks”, he said, adding that “the digital transition, strongly supported by the NRP, must go hand in hand with technological sovereignty, the national cloud and cyber-security”. Furthermore, the government intends to introduce a national interest safeguard clause, including from an economic point of view, for concessions of public infrastructures, such as motorways and airports.

FASHION, DESIGN AND FOOD, NEXT MADE IN ITALY – According to Meloni, Italy must return to having an industrial policy, focusing on its battle horses: fashion, luxury, design but also high technology and agri-food.

STOP JUNGLE BUROCRACY FOR BUSINESSES – To streamline bureaucracy for businesses and ensure clear and certain rules, we will work for a “structural simplification and deregulation of administrative procedures to stimulate the economy, growth and investments”. It’s still. “We need fewer rules, but clear ones for everyone. And a new relationship between citizen and public administration, so that the citizen does not feel a weak part in the face of a tyrant state that does not listen to its needs and frustrates its expectations”, says Meloni.

FISCO – From the Copernican revolution that will put the citizen at the center in a renewed relationship with the public administration “a new fiscal pact will have to be born that will rest on three pillars”, announces Meloni. First, to reduce the tax burden on businesses and households through a reform of the personal income tax with progressive introduction of the family quotient and extension of the flat tax for VAT numbers from the current 65 thousand euros to 100 thousand euros of turnover and the introduction of the flat tax on ” increase in income compared to the maximum reached in the previous three years. Second, a fiscal truce to allow citizens and businesses in difficulty to regularize their position with the tax authorities. Third, a close fight against tax evasion.

CUT 5 POINTS FOR WORKING FEES – On labor taxes, the government is aiming for a gradual cut of the wedge of at least five points in favor of businesses and workers. Furthermore, to incentivize companies to hire, a tax mechanism is aimed at which rewards activities with a high density of work.

TABLES CRISIS AND AUTONOMOUS IN DIFFICULTY – To business crises “we will devote our utmost commitment” and to the thousands of self-employed workers who have never got up after the pandemic “we want to recognize adequate safeguards in line with those rightly guaranteed to employees”.

PENSIONS – Already with the next budget law, the government intends to facilitate flexibility in exit with mechanisms compatible with the stability of the social security system, starting with the renewal of the measures expiring at the end of the year. “The priority for the future will be a pension system that also guarantees the younger generations and those who receive the allowance only on the basis of the contribution regime”, explains Meloni.

POVERTY AND WARNING ON DRC – State aid will be guaranteed to retirees in difficulty, the disabled, those without income who have minor children, but “for those who are able to work, the solution cannot be citizenship income, but work, training and accompaniment to work “, clarified the premier.

ENOUGH DEATH AT WORK – Meloni underlined his commitment to put an end to the scourge of deaths at work by ensuring the full implementation of existing rules.

ENVIRONMENT. On environmental policies, the premier emphasizes the need to “combine environmental, economic and social sustainability”, accompanying businesses and citizens “towards the green transition without surrendering to new strategic dependencies and respecting the principle of technological neutrality”.

HIGHER SINGLE ALLOWANCE AND YOUNG MORTGAGES – Meloni reaffirmed its commitment to increase the single and universal allowance and help young couples to obtain a mortgage for their first home. The premier also aims to encourage female employment, rewarding companies that offer effective solutions to reconcile home-work times and supporting municipalities to guarantee free nurseries open until the closing time of shops and offices.