Government, Giorgia Meloni: “I see a 5-year horizon, we will make major reforms”

The Prime Minister on Tg1 on migrants: “The results are not those hoped for, the topic deserves a second phase of commitment”

“I see the horizon of 5 years of government and that horizon also serves me to realize the great reforms that this nation needs“. The Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, said this on Tg1 in the 8pm edition.

“I would like this to be the year of reforms: to see the first bricks of the tax reform, start the constitutional reform, do the most significant part of the justice reform. And then the great merit reform, particularly in schools and intervene in the emergency housing. There is a lot of work to do but we will respect the commitments made“, added Meloni. I promised that I would deliver a better Italy than I received it and after a year Italy is certainly more credible, more stable, more listened to. However, it is the beginning of a work that must be judged at the end of five years” underlines the Prime Minister.

The Italian economy

I’m proud of the economic data. I am proud of an Italy that, after years of being at the bottom of the list, is now growing more than the European average, with a record for the number of people employed and stable contracts. I am proud to have concentrated all the resources on those who were most in difficulty, on medium-low incomes, I am happy to have intervened where it was necessary to intervene, even in front of the banks and areas that other governments had not had the courage to touch”.


On the immigration front”we worked so hard, the results are not what we hoped to see“. “I’m sure we’ll get to the bottom of it, but this topic deserves a second phase of commitment” she explains.

Citizenship income

We did the right thing on citizenship income and what we promised: to distinguish those who can work from those who cannot – he explained – Those who cannot work keep the subsidy, those who can work should have work and training. On the topic of minimum salary, it amazes me that the opposition is discovering its usefulness today, because in ten years in government they have not achieved it, I who fear it could worsen the conditions of more workers than those for whom it improves, but we are waiting for the Cnel’s proposal. On the superbonus: the numbers speak. One hundred and forty billion euros of hole taken away from healthcare, education, pensions, to renovate second homes and even castles” he concludes.