Government, high tension Berlusconi-Meloni. The leader of FdI: “I am not blackmailable”

The premier in pectore strengthens axis with Salvini and seeks a ‘communication channel’ with Tajani

A point was missing from that list, that I am not blackmailable. “Giorgia Meloni thus replies to Silvio Berlusconi who in one sheet had defined the president of the Brothers of Italy as ‘opinionated, arrogant, arrogant and offensive’. The ‘convict’ leaflet on the Senator’s bench of the Cavaliere betrays all the irritation of the Forza Italia leader towards Meloni. From the handwritten notes that emerge from the folder immortalized in the inaugural session that led to the election of Ignazio La Russa as president, the judgment against the premier in pectore, as ‘Repubblica’ writes, is clear-cut and without appeal: “Giorgia is a who is not willing to change. She is one with whom one cannot get along “and defines her as” opinionated, arrogant, arrogant and offensive “.

For his part, Meloni, after having expressed satisfaction with the rapid election of the presidents of the Senate and the Chamber, as hoped for in recent days, then worked throughout the day “on the urgent dossiers that Italy is having to deal with. “Fdi sources explained. “We had promised the Italians to proceed quickly. We succeeded: now we continue to work with the same speed for the other deadlines,” she said as she left the room.

“I believe that President Berlusconi should declare what I am almost certain of, which is a fake. But he must declare it, I cannot say it”, commented the President of the Senate Ignazio La Russa. “Everything will be smoothed out …”, Matteo Salvini said, saying he had heard from Berlusconi. Will the center-right be united in the consultations? “Of course”, “obvious”. “Yesterday (Thursday, ed) there was a small hiccup in the space of 5 years it will be null. It will be a good team”, added the leader of the League. As for his role in the center-right executive “I am available, I have no stumbling blocks or claims – I assure – I know what I am capable of doing”. Has he renounced the Ministry of the Interior? “I have no personal requests – he reiterated – I know what I can do for the country. Full stop. At the Viminale I proved it”.

In the meantime, given the tensions with Berlusconi on the list of ministers, also confirmed by the confidential notes of the Cav, the Brothers of Italy – they say – would play on two tables. On the one hand, would strengthen the axis of recent times with Salvini: the two returned to see each other in Montecitorio during the voting to bring the Northern League player Lorenzo Fontana to the presidency of the Chamber. On the other hand, the premier in pectore he allegedly opened a ‘communication channel’ with Antonio Tajanigiven on pole for Foreign Affairs, with the go-ahead from via della Scrofa.

Of course, there is still one week until the appointment, which in politics is an eternity, to form the future team of Palazzo Chigi, but the definition of at least the basic grid, once the presidents of Parliament have been elected, cannot be postponed that much. It is necessary to resume the confrontation within the center-right after the ‘blue tear’ on the appointment of La Russa to second position in the state. The Fdi-Fi clutches must be overcome immediately so as not to poison the climate even more, says a big blue, who is closely following the totonomi. The problem, in fact, is that in the parts of via della Scrofa, in the light of the Ronzulli case and of what happened in the Senate chamber, there is no longer the suspicion but the conviction that the Cav no longer holds the reins of his party. Hence the question: who is it that counts in Fi that you can talk to?

For now, the idea of ​​holding separate consultations at Colle would be frozen among the Azzurri (even if there will be time to discuss it in depth) but Fi, they say, will never accept the idea of ​​having the list of ministers dictated by Meloni, independently from ‘no’ to Ronzulli.

Everyone expects a new Ronzulli-Tajani tug of war on the government game but above all on the management of the party. An arm wrestling that could lead to a sort of showdown already with the appointment of the new force group leaders: in fact, a three-way challenge would emerge in the Senate, between Ronzulli herself, Maurizio Gasparri and Gianfranco Miccichè for the choice of the successor of the Bernini (outgoing as minister) while in the Chamber a duel is expected between the deputies Giorgio Mulè-Alessandro Cattaneo, considered ‘ronzulliani’, and Paolo Barelli, president of the outgoing deputies, very loyal to Tajani.