Government, in Forza Italia war group leaders: the Ronzulli hypothesis

There is a risk of an internal showdown for the party command

After the face to face of the ‘thaw’ with Giorgia Meloni in via della Scrofa, where Silvio Berlusconi seems to have ticked 5 ministers (sure they would be Antonio Tajani, Gilberto Pichetto Fratin, Elisabetta Alberti Casellati and Annamaria Bernini, while Alessandro Cattaneo or Francesco Sisto), will open today another very delicate match at Forza Italia, that of the group leaders. A game linked to that of the totoministers, which reflects the current dichotomy within the party between pro-Tajani ‘governists’ and ‘ronzulliani’ and could turn into a sort of showdown without the intervention of Cav.

The main knot to be solved, in fact, is how or if Licia Ronzulli will be compensated, excluded by the government due to the strong doubts of Fdi. If until a few hours ago, many were ready to swear that she would become group leader in the Senate, prevailing over the other contenders Maurizio Gasparri and Gianfranco Miccichè, now, her appointment in place of Bernini, would not be so obvious, because, they say, the opinion of the Cav family would weigh on her, who would not have liked the activism of the faithful from Arcore (also thanks to the support of Marta Fascina) to obtain the government upgrade. Now, they report, it will be necessary to see how much strength Ronzulli will have to reach the leadership of the Azzurri senators. At present, according to rumors, the national manager of Fi for relations with allies would be in the field and could count on Cattaneo, considered close to her, if the latter were to get a place in the Palazzo Chigi team.

A battle is also expected for the role of group leader in Montecitorio, where the ‘ronzulliani’ will try with their own name (in recent days there was talk of Giorgio Mulè and Cattaneo himself if he were to stay out of the ministerial games) to give a hard time to the ‘Tajanians’ who will try to confirm Paolo Barelli as president of the deputies, a name appreciated by the Melonians. In short, the future structure of Forza Italia is at stake: the last word, as always, will be up to its leader.