Government, in the ‘former’ Meloni 11 team of Berlusconi IV

In the new executive ministers and undersecretaries of the last Cavaliere government. Leader Fdi included.

From the Berlusconi quater government to that of Giorgia Meloni. There are 11 members of the executive who will swear tomorrow who were part of the last government led by the leader of Forza Italia. Meloni understood that she was then in charge of the Youth Ministry. There was Raffaele Fitto, Minister for Regions and Cohesion, current holder of EU Affairs, Pnrr and Cohesion. Anna Maria Bernini then led EU policies and is now in charge of the University. And again Roberto Calderoli who was Minister of Reforms will now be the holder of Regional Affairs and Autonomies.

And there are also a series of upgrades: Guido Crosetto from Undersecretary of Defense (with the current President of the Senate, Ignazio La Russa, as minister) will become the holder of the department. ‘Promotion’ also for Daniela Santanchè from undersecretary for the implementation of the program to minister of tourism. While Elisabetta Casellati as Undersecretary of Justice will be Minister of Reforms. Adolfo Urso as Undersecretary for the Economy with responsibility for international trade will deal with the ex-Mise, that is, Enterprises and Made in Italy.

And again Nello Musumeci who from Undersecretary for Labor becomes Minister of the Sea and the South. Eugenia Roccella at the time of the Berlusconi government was involved in Social Policies as Undersecretary of Labor and will now be the Minister of the Family, Birth Rate and Equal Opportunities. Finally, the undersecretary to the presidency of the Council, Alfredo Mantovano, who in the last Cav government was undersecretary of the interior ministry.