Government, Letta: “Executive born weak, short honeymoon”

“When this government falls, we will call for early elections”

“The honeymoon with this government” led by Giorgia Meloni “will be short-lived for the ways in which it is born, due to its political substance and because it has a deteriorated climate around it due to the international situation. We must be ready to manage it with the utmost determination. “So Enrico Lettasecretary of the Democratic Party, during the leadership of the party.

“I say this very clearly, even if I will not be there to guide the steps of the next few years: when this government falls, we will ask for early elections. No other government of national salvation. We will be clearly alternatives to this right,” he adds.

“Those who had imagined an infinite honeymoon for Meloni and the right have not fully grasped what is happening, the deterioration of the economic and social framework, the recession that awaits the country, the fears and concerns that all need other than a government of profound political weakness that seems to be peeping out, “he says.

“For the government, the nos it receives are more news than the waiting lists and the crowds to enter. This is already indicative, a government that receives such significant no shows in itself its difficulty“, goes on.

“We will judge the government for what it will do but the impression is that any programmatic idea has already failed with respect to the many promises of the election campaign”, he says, recalling that “the first life of the Democratic Party was of opposition: I say this for those of us accuses of having always been in government, we sent home the Berlusconi government after three years of strong and tough opposition. From that experience the pugnacious ability of our party was born “.