Government: M5S chooses hard line, Patuanelli ‘no more slaps, rigid on maneuver’

From the Rai appointments to the budget maneuver, the majority that supports the Draghi government is increasingly in fibrillation. And the M5S, dented by the risk of public service news, now opts for the hard line. It is Thursday afternoon when the pentastellated senators meet at Palazzo Madama. Also present was the Minister of Agricultural and Forestry Policies Stefano Patuanelli, in a bad mood. Shortly before, Federico D’Incà, the responsible for Relations with Parliament, to face the wrath of about thirty senators, on a war footing due to the incident in the Chamber on the capacity decree, with the government going under on two amendments and ‘hand’ of Iv. “We are at the pacts, Italia Viva is mischievous. Enough now”, roar the grillini senators, asking D’Incà to represent the group’s discontent to Prime Minister Mario Draghi. Because the Renzians, the message to be delivered to the Prime Minister, cannot do good and bad weather. The M5S is not there, “they have crossed the line, let them clearly say if they have decided to bring down Draghi”. The same accusation made by Patuanelli: “It is clear that Renzi wants to provoke the second government crisis of the year”.

But the pentastellati did not even like the tug-of-war initiated by the Democratic Party on the speaker of the maneuver, a role that the dem would like to entrust to Vasco Errani while the grillini opt for three speakers (one for the M5S, one for the center-right forces and one for those of the center-left): if this is the case, the reasoning expressed by Patuanelli according to what reported to the Adnkronos, it will be the other political forces that will assume the responsibility of bringing the country into provisional exercise. “Due to the stakes set by the parties and the crossed vetoes, the budget law risks turning into a Vietnam in the parliamentary halls”, reasoned a senator.

In the background remains the most important match, that of the Quirinale. And the double slip of the majority that took place yesterday in the Senate on capacity is read as a gloomy prelude. “Just take slaps”, Patuanelli said during the meeting with the senators: “At this point – the minister from Trieste remarked – we too can be more rigid on the maneuver and manage it according to our interests”.

In the M5S there is a fear of a sort of “free all”: “If a minister leaves the CDM to go and vote in the Chamber against her government, it means that something is wrong …”, observes a pentastellato who took part in the meeting , in the sights the Northern League player Erika Stefani. There is disappointment in the attitude of the Democratic Party. And this is demonstrated by the piqued reply to the interview given by Luigi Zanda to ‘La Repubblica’. The fact that the 5 Stars do not vote with the Democratic Party the rapporteur of the maneuver, for Zanda “is a negative signal” and “a serious political error”. “Unfounded and inappropriate accusations”, retorts Senator M5S Marco Pellegrini: “The 5 Star Movement is the relative majority group in Parliament and would have every right, in case, to have a rapporteur for the budget law. No one has ever guaranteed that the position of speaker would have been assigned to Vasco Errani “.

To rekindle the discontent there is also the issue of the Rai appointments, another node addressed in the meeting yesterday afternoon, where Primo Di Nicola would have used strong words, saying he was “amazed” and “indignant” for the journalistic background that spoke of an active role of senator Mario Turco, Giuseppe Conte’s right arm, in the negotiation on the appointments of the public service. Version that is denied by the leaders of the Movement: “Turkish – it is explained to the Adnkronos – was summoned to Palazzo Chigi on Tuesday evening and there he was informed of the list of names of the directors of the news, which the following morning, Wednesday 17, she arrived at the board of directors of Viale Mazzini “. In short, Turco, according to the upper echelons of the M5S, would have been informed of decisions already taken. Will this explanation be enough to calm the spirits of the Grilline troops?

(by Antonio Atte and Ileana Sciarra)