Government-M5S, today I meet Draghi-Conte

The face to face will be preceded by the National Council of the Movement

Today the meeting between the Prime Minister, Mario Draghi, and the leader of the 5 Star Movement, Giuseppe Conte, is scheduled. The face to face, set for 16.30 at Palazzo Chigi, comes after the tensions that characterized the majority and in particular the relationship between the M5S and the executive. The meeting will be preceded by the National Council of the Movement which will meet at 13 to define the line in view of the ‘clarifying’ appointment.

“I am still optimistic, the government does not take risks. This government cannot be done without Cinquestelle. The government was born with the Cinquestelle, it is not satisfied with external support”, said the premier last June 30, in a press conference, when asked about relationship with the M5S. In recent days, there has been talk of rumors and rumors according to which Draghi would have asked Beppe Grillo to remove Conte from the top of the 5 Star Movement. “I have never made these statements. They tell me that there are objective findings. Messages? Let’s see them, I am waiting for them. I never even thought of entering into the internal issues of a party. I believe that Grillo also denied them”.

Now, with the meeting at the gates, by Draghi, whoever heard him a few hours from face to face tells Adnkronos, “there is listening and maximum attention” to the themes of the Movement as well as to those of other political forces , but “the agenda remains the same and the challenges facing the government cannot be avoided, even in light of the NRP”, the reasoning of the prime minister, who spent the weekend in the residence in Città della Pieve. To all those who have heard him, Draghi strongly reiterated, and is also told, that he “never said” the words attributed to him by the sociologist Domenico De Masi, that is to want Conte out of the leadership of the Movement.

The words of Dario Franceschini animated the eve of the meeting. “From now to the elections, to go together with the M5S we must be on the same side, if there is a rupture or a distinction – because external support is a rupture – for us it will lead to the end of the government and the impossibility of going together in the elections . And it will clearly burn any remaining possibility of going to the proportional, “said the Minister of Culture. “We need generosity and flexibility” in the meeting between Draghi and Conte, who “have the fate of the next legislature in their hands”, he said again.

Franceschini’s statements moved the Sunday of the M5S. Conte did not pronounce himself but the internal chats of the Movement, viewed by the Adnkronos, were lit up to say the least. “The Democratic Party wants to send us to 2%, but it goes to fans ….”, wrote a big player of the Movement in an internal chat. While in the chat of parliamentarians there are those who went so far as to say “that the Democratic Party is threatening us, and we really cannot tolerate this”.