Government, Macron: “I will work with whoever will be designated”

“I will not change my values ​​and principles”

“I will work with the person indicated who will be the result of the elections and I will work with the best will, but I will not change my values ​​and my principles either. Up to now I have always known how to advance”. This was stated by the President of the French Republic, Emmanuel Macron at the end of the informal European Council in Prague, answering a question about the future Italian government and relations with France. “It is not the President of France who chooses the Italian Prime Minister. It is the result of the vote of the Italian people and will be designated according to the Italian Constitution by the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella”.

France intends to work “with good will” with the future Italian government. Her country “will be as demanding as we are with ourselves” for the European project, Macron said, answering a question about Giorgia Meloni’s likely arrival at Palazzo Chigi. “I want to express my happiness for having collaborated with my friend Mario Draghi – Macron began -. There has never been a day when we weren’t happy to work together. I owe him a lot. It was a great chance for us. Italy and for Europe those years in which she was in office. I also want to reaffirm all the trust and friendship I have towards the President of the Republic, Sergio Mattarella. Once I have said this, I have always had the same approach: we take the leaders that the peoples give us and our duty is to move Europe forward around the table and to advance it in the fairest and most effective ways by being proud of who we are and ensuring that all our principles are respected , objectives and ambitions “.

“I am confident – he concluded speaking in Prague – in the conclusions of the elections that President Mattarella will draw and whoever the president will appoint to constitute a government and a majority, France will work with good will and will be demanding, because we are also demanding with ourselves to to advance the European project in which we believe “.