Government, Mannino: “Split into Fi? Very likely, but I don’t see De Gasperi emulating”

“Strengthening the center? Meloni is the star. Berlusconi is alone, indeed he is naked”

“The split within Forza Italia is one of the very probable possibilities. I see an end of its function. But for those who have reigned on the center right for twenty years, abdicating is hard”. The feud between the ronzulliani and the governors who report to Tajani “is an internal question because the function of Fi is exhausted, so much so that Confalonieri also invited Berlusconi to merge with Meloni. It is clear that not having the Forza Italia leader in time provided to organize a party with the democratic rule of membership, participation and responsibility, now the conflict is starting between those who remain “. The same goes for Adnkronos the many times Christian Democrat minister, Calogero Antonio Mannino.

According to Mannino, “Berlusconi had guessed only one card: joining the EPP. However, he did not transform Forza Italia from a personal, corporate party into a participatory one. With the consequence that today there is no ruling class and what is even more serious than the Christian Democrats who had made possible the acceptance of Fi in the EPP, from Casini to Alfano, they were gradually expelled. So the king is alone, indeed he is naked – continues the politician – There is only one star, Meloni, one of the many redeemed and regenerated by the leader of Fi. But the relationship between them is inevitably one of conflict “.

In the event of a spin-off of Forza Italia, does the door open to a strengthening of the center? “Right now the scene is very busy with Meloni. He made a right-wing party with right-wing reasons that won in the center and continues to grow. Who should do it? -Sollecita-I don’t see an emulator-successor of De Gasperi “. “Not being able to apply in the space of the center right, they would make a center that cannot be center right, that is, that has never occupied the space of the center of the center right – he explains – Calenda and Renzi in fact play a game concerning the crisis of the Democratic Party. “. “We are in the aftermath of the elections and a government realized at an unknown speed in recent years – observes the politician – In 24 hours Meloni made a government and met with Macron, his number one interlocutor in the EU. as Voltaire says, it is a fact, not a signal “, he concludes. (by Roberta Lanzara)