Government, Mariotto: “10 to Minister Casellati’s white suit, to white and blue suits 8”

The designer: “Some anonymous and somewhat subdued outfits want to give an idea of ​​a decent and meek government”

“Well the new minister Elisabetta Casellati with her white suit, a sign of distinction and strong personality, cleanliness, candor and transparency. A woman who likes to stand out even by wearing beautiful brooches. I symbolically raise my paddle and give it a convinced 10 ”. So at Adnkronos the stylist and juror of ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Guillermo Mariotto after having witnessed on TV the ceremony of the oath of the ministers of the Meloni government at the Quirinale.

Mariotto then proposes a comparison with the presenter of ‘Dancing with the Stars’: “Milly Carlucci also loves white suits. The season is not important. I hope it bodes well for the new government. Milly’s professionalism is commendable. If even the new ministers had the same professionalism it would be a crazy government, the one with the most share in the history of the country “.

As for the outfits of the other new ministers, Guillermo Mariotto added: “almost all of them wore blue suits with a white shirt, very monastic, almost like a collegiate one, just like the men. He put it anonymous, a little subdued. In my opinion, they represent, or want to represent, a decent, apparently meek government. I generously give 8 ”.