Government Meloni, Adinolfi: “Anti-abortion action by birth rate, I trust in Roccella”

The president of the People of the family: “Eugenia will have to commit but I know she will ‘

“Our battles have reached the heart of the state.” Mario Adonolfi, president of the Popolo della Famiglia, does not hide the satisfaction for the new government led by Meloni, on the day of the oath. Among the members there is a dear friend of his, Eugenia Roccella, new minister for the family and birth rate. “Eugenia is a friend, – she tells Adnkronos Adinolfi -, a person who has all my respect, a feminist who has made a journey with the Radical party. In a country where the first emergency is that of denatality, I believe she has managed to bring the issue of the right to life to the center “.

Adinolfi, known for his anti-abortion battles, observes: “A wind against abortion is rising in the world: let’s think about what happened in the US. Eugenia Roccella will have to work hard but I know she will; to restart the birth rate we need to cancel the shame of the killing of the child in his own womb “. Law 194 is targeted by the President of the People of the Family, but Giorgia Meloni has assured over and over that it will not be touched. “I believe – says Adinolfi – that as on November 8 the Americans will in fact vote on this dichotomy ‘pro life’ and ‘pro choice’, even Italy, faced with the enormous problem of denatality, will raise the question of cancellation the scourge of the killing of the child in the womb. There is no right to abortion, Roccella has already said, there is no need to make him repeat it, if that right does not exist and we agree that abortion is a plague, and that it is necessary to counteract the birth rate, then abortion must be canceled, with the same procedure as in the USA “.

There are those who believe that the appointment of Roccella, with its positions, jeopardizes the rule of law. “Frankly – replies Adinolfi – it seems to me a foolish position and then there is not only Roccella; Alfredo Mantovano (appointed undersecretary to the presidency of the Council, ed) is also an exponent of the Livatino study center, a center that makes up that vast galaxy that , under the radar, and perhaps little considered by the media, has worked to make the culture of life grow. Mantovano will work closely with Meloni; I myself have personally made the marches for life and the Family Days, I know well that there is a personal sensitivity of Meloni on these issues. To call a birth ministry then means the opposite of the false civil rights which I have always judged to be false myths of progress “.